Because we know that before a competition like this there are always lots of questions about the methodology of the contest, this section is meant to respond to all that doubt. Below are the most frequently asked questions, alongside the associated answers.

1. What is Perpetuum?

Perpetuum is a competition that targets the Rube Goldberg mechanisms development.

2. How can I enroll to this competition? What data do I have to provide?

The enrolment will take part on the event’s site, as quickly as possible, by submitting a form by the team captain. Contact data and a CV from each member is required.

3. How many members can be in a team?

A team must have 3 - 4 members.

4. What is a Rube Goldberg mechanism?

The competition goal is to realise a Rube Goldberg mechanism aka a chain reaction mechanism using the objects given at the beginning and during the competition.

5. How is structured the selection assignment?

The selection assignment will be composed of two parts: Arduino manipulation and electronics comprehension.

6. Can I use my own objects or objects from my teammates?

Absolutely NOT. As it is stated in the rules, the only objects that can be used are the ones given at the beginning and during the competition and a laptop.

7. How do I send our CVs? Is it necessary to send one for each team member?

All CVs will be submitted via a drive link. It is mandatory that all CVs must be on the same link address in a single folder.

8. If I am not from ACS, can I participate?

NO. The competition is only for ACS students.